Red Hill Cemetery
Pennington Gap
Lee County, Virginia

*part of cemetery also called Barron Cemetery

Red Hill Cemetery, view 2
Red Hill Cemetery, view 3 Red Hill Cemetery, view 4
Red Hill Cemetery, view 5 Red Hill Cemetery, view 6

I do not know if the information below is still accurate...

These photos were taken 5 July 2001. As you look at the deplorable condition of the cemetery, keep in mind the foliage you see covers the cemetery. The perimenter in some instances is in good condition. The rest leaves a lot to be desired.
It is our understanding that there are no records to tell who is buried where. We have been told some plots were recorded at Jonesville, most were not. All private records seem to have been destroyed.
It lies within the corporation limits of Pennington Gap, Lee County, Virginia. However, since it is privately owned, the town has no legal responsibility to maintain.
A few years back the Virginia Dept. of Highways considered moving the cemetery for new road construction. There was a public outcry from the citizens of Pennington Gap and surrounding communities and the cemetery was saved.
At this time there was a major clean-up effort by a few wonderful individuals in and around Pennington Gap. A cemetery fund was set up and donations were solicited. However the fund has dwindled to almost nothing and the maintenance has suffered.
The fund is still in existence and needs a healthy infusion of donations to complete the reclamation of this cemetery. If you have family members or friends buried here, or you are simply someone interested in perserving our history, please make a donation (no matter how small) to the following address:

Farmers & Miners Bank
403 West Morgan Avenue
Pennington Gap, VA. 24277-2319


C/O D. R. Carter
411 Morgan Avenue
Pennington Gap, Va. 24277-2319

Mr. Carter is not in charge of the clean up effort but has generously donated his name to help in collecting donations.

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